Reimagine your support with smart voice.

Super power your
Zendesk support.

Introduce voice to your current support and talk directly
to your most valuable customers.

Receive calls on your Zendesk platform.

Install with just one click and start receiving calls directly on your Zendesk account.
A ticket is created automatically each time the call is incoming.

Choose who gets to call you.

Offer voice support only to VIP customers or according to defined criteria.

Identify the caller and get valuable data.

Have a pretty clear view of who is calling and why, even before picking up the call. Receive key info:

  • Customer user information.

    Get a complete picture of every customer on the go.

  • Customer location.

    Have a precise vision of where they are calling you from.

  • Customer ticket history.

    Review your interactions with them.

  • Customer intention.

    Anticipate their behavior and needs.

  • Customer digital journey.

    Have a clear view of what your customers have been up to before the call.

Be reachable from anywhere.

Be close to your customers without having to buy phone numbers in each country.

Route calls to agents or teams.

Choose who is the best agent or team to take specific calls. According to skills or schedule.

Ace the customer experience and boost your NPS.

Connecting to the right agent is as simple as a click. Deliver an outstanding customer experience and improve your NPS.

Easily access all your call recordings.

Keep an eye on your interactions in real time and assess your team’s performance.

Why they love SnapCall?

Healthier NPS

When having voice support vs not offering one.

Low calls volume

Scale your voice support to your preferences and as you grow.

Pre-qualified calls

Set criteria for customers to be able to place calls.

Personalization at scale

Get customer info plus their digital journey with a click.

Alessandro Angioni
Business Account Manager
Having a seamless integration of our voice support powered by SnapCall into our Zendesk platform, allows us to manage all our support channels in one interface, have efficient workarounds and a 360 view of our customers.

Your Zendesk support.
Just better.