Peer to Peer

Provide call interaction between your users in-app.

Keep all interaction between your users in your application.

Let your users call each other in safety.

What SnapCall resolves for you:

Complexity of
telco network
(international number
& cost/mn)

Impossibility to track calls

Disconnected experience
between voice
and digital

GDPR compliance

From a user to another user.

Control all the voice interaction within your app and make calls possible between your users. Calls remains in your application.

Customer Segmentation.

A SnapCall button is displayed only with the customer consent.

Journey Segmentation.

Select when you want to give the option to your users to call each other.

Control interactions.

Select which agents get this feature.

Enriched calls.

Get all the data regarding each calls: recordings, usage, digital information.

How it works
Control and manage voice interaction between users within your application.
Each user gives his approval or not to be called under certain conditions. User A can call user B within the company application.
SnapCall is a digital click-to-call button, when a user clicks on it the call processes through the mobile app, nothing to install or dial. It’s a live call solution. User B receives the call on the company mobile application with information regarding user A.
This experience is fully customizable in term of User Interface and User Experience in iOS and Android.

Key Benefits


Dedicate a voice channel support to your right customers. Reduce your AHT.


Voice interaction without having any phone number on your website.


Voice becomes digital and suits perfectly a chat experience.

Cost Saving

Competitive pricing based on number of calls.

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