Chat to Call Escalation

Provide call support from a chat conversation.

Trigger voice support directly from a chat conversation.

Let your agents manage incoming calls.

What SnapCall resolves for you:

Complexity of
telco network
(international number
& cost/mn)

Uncontrolled &
unqualified number of calls

Disconnected experience
between voice
and digital

Weak engagement with chat

From a chat conversation.

Agents start using the chat channel as usual.

To a call conversation.

When chat is not enough to answer queries: long time between back and forth, helping closing deals, the agent can suggest a call to your customer right from the chat conversation.

Smart Call Routing.

The customer clicks on it and talks in live with the same agent he was chatting to.

Control interactions.

Select which agents get this feature.


Call information are attached to the chat conversation.

How it works
An agent has to deal with several chat conversation at the same time. In some cases escalate to a call is needed to resolve quicker a ticket. With SnapCall it’s now totally possible. From its Zendesk interface an agent can decide to activate the SnapCall button in a specific chat conversation.
SnapCall is a digital click-to-call button. A customer clicks on this button, the call is live through the chat conversation. He talks to the same agent he was chatting with and they are still about to chat during the voice conversation. The agent receives the call on zendesk with all customer data.

Key Benefits


Dedicate a voice channel support to your right customers. Reduce your AHT.


Voice interaction without having any phone number on your website.


Voice becomes digital and suits perfectly a chat experience.

Cost Saving

Competitive pricing based on number of calls.

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