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Valley Driving School’s omnichannel experience

Discover how Valley Driving School can now call their customers right from the chat.


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Launching a call right inside the chat has never been so easy.

Valley Driving School was interested to try a new LiveChat integration which would help provide a full omnichannel experience for their prospects and customers. That’s why the team was keen to try SnapCall integration with LiveChat and see how they can benefit from smart voice technology.

Valley Driving School, founded in 1955 in Langley, Canada, is one of the most reputable driving schools in British Columbia with more than 65 years of experience in providing high-quality driver training to thousands of students for both recreational and commercial purposes.

Great customer experience is always at the heart of the Valley Driving School’s values. As the top-performers in the industry, their team is always looking for new ways to improve the way prospects and customers reach out to them.

Where all began.

When the team of Valley Driving School were rebuilding the company's website, Melissa Hannam, Director of Marketing, remembered seeing the LiveChat widget somewhere and thought it could be really useful for their users as well.

Even though it was quite unusual for a driving school to have a live chat option for the customers to reach out, Valley Driving School implemented the solution on their website and the choice turned out to be a successful one, as the team noticed many users wanted to communicate via LiveChat. As LiveChat implementation brought positive response from the customers, Melissa says she’s always up to try a new integration on the LiveChat Marketplace.

Melissa Hannam
Director of Marketing
As LiveChat helped Valley Driving School develop our business and communication with our clients in a completely new way, we’re very open to new things offered by the platform. I am always interested in trying new integrations out and seeing whether it would benefit to how we serve our customers. So when I saw SnapCall advertised on the LiveChat Marketplace, the first thought that came to mind was “Oh wow, how has somebody not thought of this before, it’s so smart!” And it literally took us one click to start using the solution, as all you need to do is click on the Install button on the LiveChat Marketplace and SnapCall solution becomes automatically available to the whole team.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Optimized customer experience

Complete confidentiality

Full control & flexibility

Improved productivity

The unfolding.

The team of Valley Driving School has noticed the need to be able to switch channels inside the same window before. As it’s important to make sure the transition is truly seamless and the user stays engaged within the website, SnapCall solution turned out to be a perfect fit.

“Our customers are asking for the ability to chat, swap to a call and then sometimes even swap back to chat again, so allowing them to do that in the most convenient way is perfect. Because for us, it’s all about what the customer wants, how they want to connect and that’s how we need to be available to them. Therefore, we really enjoy SnapCall integration – it’s super easy to use for the customer, just one button to answer the agent’s call. And if they’re satisfied, they’re probably going to return and choose our service when they’re ready to make a purchase.”

Valley Driving School has been offering the possibility of jumping on a free call right inside the LiveChat widget for quite some time now. The team has expressed positive feedback regarding the stability of the service as well as the assistance of the SnapCall team.

“The technology has definitely exceeded my expectations and my team’s expectations. There has been very minimal connection issues and any time I reach out to the SnapCall team, they are very open to the feedback, the issues get addressed immediately and they try to implement our suggestions quickly, so the customer service is truly great. My team is very pleased with the solution and even though they might sometimes be a little nervous to try new things, this integration has been really reliable and the agents can confidently use the technology when they need it and they can rely on it to work and not be frustrating for them or for the client.”

What has been achieved so far.

Saved time for both customers and the team.

“Before we used SnapCall, if some of our prospects or customers wanted to switch from a chat conversation to a phone call, they’d have to leave the chat, find a number of their local agency and connect to a different team, dealing with phone calls only. The problem is, nobody likes having to tell their story all over again to a new person or verify their identity again. You just want to continue on and not to lose any time just because you switched from one format of communication to another. That became possible when we started using SnapCall.“

Handling sensitive data easily.

“The most common way of how we use SnapCall is for payments because a lot of times customers come into the chat, start discussing their purchase and in order to confirm the booking, we need to accept payment. We noticed that a lot of people don’t want to provide their credit card information via the chat for security reasons. With SnapCall, we can quickly flip over to the phone call, take their credit card information and then we can flip back to the chat and finish the purchase in writing.“

Complete flexibility.

“Our regular phone system is open on certain business hours only, so being able to still make a phone call outside its working hours truly helps us make sure we can offer the voice channel to our customers whenever they need it. Our driving instructors who are also working when the phone system is closed might need to call the office in case of emergency, so having this possibility to launch a call with them via the chat is really important too.“

Improved customer experience.

“We have a wide range of ages between our clients, as we offer all kinds of driving training. Sometimes when a more senior person is on our website, they start a chat and if they are less comfortable with technology, navigating the website or having a long conversation back and forth with typing isn’t such a great experience for them. In these cases, customers prefer to call us or to be called, so SnapCall solution comes in really handy in these situations, as a user only has to click one button to get on a call with the same agent they’ve been already chatting with – they don’t need to launch a new app or figure out where the phone number is.“

Complete confidentiality.

“One of the things that our team really likes about the SnapCall solution is that they don’t have to give a phone number to the clients. Because sometimes a client can try to reach back out when you’re not at work or not available and the ability for them to choose when they see the need to provide a customer with the button to join the call is really helpful.”

All in all?

Seamless omnichannel experience. Improved agent efficiency. Impeccable customer experience.

What’s coming next.

The teams of Valley Driving School, SnapCall and LiveChat are working together to ensure an impeccable customer experience of seamlessly switching from a chat to a call in situations where voice can improve agent efficiency and customer experience.

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