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Prismea’s new generation support

Discover how Prismea made it easy to connect with its customers.

The neobank

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Optimizing voice support for great customer experience has never been so easy.

Prismea, a neobank for businesses is all about putting their customers first. The company believes that each customer should be provided with the highest quality support they deserve. Therefore, when looking for a voice solution, they wanted something as digital and easy to use as their own service.

Prismea has been created by a well-known French bank, Crédit du Nord in 2018 in Lyon, France. The neobank is providing fully digital and flexible financial services to businesses at an extremely competitive rate and is aiming to make financial management a walk in a park for their customers. Prismea’s team is working on integrating the latest technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning to upgrade user experience even more.

Founded by two experienced bankers, Prismea is offering to help businesses with their financial management – how about a digital CFO right in your pocket?

Where all began.

When Prismea started looking for a way to provide a possibility for the clients to call their team, they wanted a digital solution – one simple channel to handle all customers’ queries. It’s was of key importance to have everything in one place – as the team using Zendesk to answer customers’ emails, it was crucial to be able to pick up calls there, rather than juggling between various tools. Prismea is providing its customers with the choice to reach out via voice, chat, or email, but believes, voice is the most important one in situations where a customer needs an answer right away.

Sandra Baliozian
Head of Client Services
When you are a neobank, there’s a lot of expectations in terms of customer service. Getting in touch with the traditional banks can be very grueling sometimes – it’s so hard to actually get to talk to someone, it takes a lot of time to get the answer and brings a lot of frustration. One of the biggest expectations for the new-generation banks as Prismea is to provide extraordinary customer service, to be close to its customers, to be very reactive. That’s why we wanted a voice channel that’s fully digital and embedded right inside the app – SnapCall perfectly met our needs.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Seamless integration

Flexible & easy to scale

Customer data in calls

Impeccable customer experience

The unfolding.

As a young company with a growing customer base, Prismea wanted to be sure their voice support is easily scalable. That’s why it was crucially important to have a solution that is easy to install and make changes according to business needs. We asked the team what was their first impression of SnapCall.

“What I was impressed with was how simple it is to create different call buttons directly from your SnapCall account. It takes me just a moment to create a new button – I type in the name, the information that I want to appear on the button, give the JavaScript code line to our technical team and it’s on the app or the website within a minute. I couldn’t believe that was all I needed to do to start receiving calls!”

Prismea started by offering digital voice support directly from their mobile application and has recently made this channel available from their website as well. SnapCall is proud to be covering all the voice interactions Prismea has with its customers – agents are answering inbound calls as well as calling customers directly from Zendesk in case a query hasn’t been solved within the first call.

“We’re using SnapCall to cover all of our phone support: we started by enabling calling from the mobile apps first and are now starting to provide this channel on our website as well.“

What has been achieved so far.

Optimized agent experience.

“As the Head of Client Services, my goal is to optimize the customer experience but also facilitate our team’s work, so every day I am thinking what can I do to make our agents save some time, how to make things easier for them. Because if our agents are happy at work, they also provide better customer experience. So SnapCall is very handy – you come to work, you open your computer and that’s all you need. You don’t need to have a phone and you have all the communication with your customers in one place.“

Customer data in calls to ensure your team is reaching their full potential.

“Another thing that our agents love about SnapCall is having customer data before picking up the call. It’s so important for us to know who’s calling, as agents can distinguish who’s customer that is and take the call. Also, it’s so useful to know where the customer is calling from and to see the tickets from the past communication – by having this information our team has a clue why is the customer calling us.“

SnapCall is helping Prismea achieve one of their principal goals – providing customers with top-notch support.

“SnapCall has enhanced Prismea’s customer experience. Both companies share the same approach to what a high-quality user interaction should be like and that is really helping us provide the service we want. Making it possible for customers to call us directly from the app or the website is what helps us stand out in the market.“

Quality support to make sure Prismea’s team makes the most of the smart voice solution.

“Another thing that is of crucial importance for us is the SnapCall team’s availability and reactivity to any questions and feedback we have. We have a shared Slack channel and SnapCall team is always available in case we need anything, they answer right away and it’s just so much more efficient than the email communication.“

All in all?

Seamless and optimized voice support. Improved agent efficiency. Impeccable customer experience.

What’s coming next.

The teams of Prismea and SnapCall are working together every week to ensure impeccable customer service & efficient scaling as Prismea’s user base is constantly growing. Together we make sure businesses are receiving high-quality support by employing smart voice technology.

A new–generation calling experience.

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