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Premium Plus super-powered sales

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Closing a sales deal has never been so seamless.

Premium Plus, an award winning Premier Solutions Provider is always looking for meaningful partnerships to help businesses establish great customer experience for their customers. Their team believes that smart voice solution is crucial at some points of a customer journey.

Founded in 2012 in Belgium, Premium Plus is a one stop shop for Zendesk functionalities, Aircall tools and have recently started with SnapCall technology. Premium Plus consultants are specialized to optimize current workflows and set up new processes for businesses.

Premium Plus is on a mission to provide a customer-centric 360 degree overview, that allows businesses connect and help their customers with great precision, always having the right information within reach.

Where all began.

Before starting with SnapCall, Premium Plus were providing a phone number on their website. Customer were able to dial the number and call their sales team. However, some of the customers were hesitant to call and Premium Plus team was not happy how it influenced the sales process.

Kurt Pinoy
CEO and Founder
Before using the SnapCall widget, we provided a direct line on our website. That's quite a challenge for the team. The phone could start ringing anytime, even when traveling abroad or in a meeting. When we finally upgraded to Aircall, a cloud phone system, adding SnapCall was the obvious choice to do. Now calls get transferred immediately to the right contact person. He or she has direct access to the caller's record in Zendesk when available. It really adds to the customer experience.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Voice solution to increase the conversion rate

Short waiting time

Great customer experience

The unfolding.

When Premium Plus started with SnapCall, one of the main goals has been to provide a smart voice solution at a certain time of the customer journey and to enable the customer to reach out without any hassle.

“The reason why we were switching is because when a customer is on a certain page, we want him to make a contact when he wants to do it in his digital journey on our website, because he’s interested. We see this as a big potential for our customers like Carrefour, Edenred and other really big brands that would be interested in the functionality offered by SnapCall. And now, when we finally have SnapCall and Aircall integration, is works great. Our prospects or customers can instantly reach the agents online and that’s crucial. We don’t need to use an IVR, we can decide that a button on one page is directed to Sales team, a button on another page is directed to Marketing team. It’s effortless for the customer – that’s the cool thing.”

What has been achieved so far.

Premium Plus is using SnapCall + Aircall solution for their own needs as well as introducing the combined technology to their customers.

“We started using SnapCall and Aircall integration ourselves as well as showing this solution in our demos to our customers. Everybody is very excited, because it’s something they haven’t seen before. It brings a lot attention around the table and that’s what we wanted to do and we really believe in the product. We only sell tools that we want to use ourselves and that we believe in. At Premium plus, we use Zendesk and on top of that we use technology partners that can give the biggest added value to our customers.“

Voice channel offered where customers really need it.

“We believe in voice and its’ future. It’s still a huge channel and the next step will probably be voice-to-text. We see that many businesses are interested in that, so voice will stay crucial in customer support, but it really depends on the journey of the particular customer when you should make voice channel available.“

Great customer experience.

“SnapCall solution really enhances the customer experience. Let’s say in e-commerce, when a customer has a question about a certain product that they want to buy and if there’s a call button that I can call and ask a question to an agent, it’s crucial. To give an opportunity for a customer to get real-time information about a specific product, it really is a game-changer in many cases.“

All in all?

Shorter waiting time. Questions answered right away. Increased conversion rate. Happy and confident customers.

What’s coming next.

Premium Plus and SnapCall teams are working together every week to develop even better customer experience to increase the conversion rate. Together we make sure customers receive all the answers as fast as possible by utilizing digital voice technology.

A new–generation calling experience.

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