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hellomybot's chatbot
empowered with voice.

Discover how reinforced their chatbot with a digital call button to offer voice support where needed.

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Calling directly from a chat has never been so simple. is an omnichannel bot platform, helping companies create call bots, voice bots, and chatbots and manage them with one tool.

Founded in 2017 and incubated by Zendesk in Station F, a startup incubator sometimes referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe, hellomybot is helping businesses provide consumer service 24/7 and reduce human support costs. The bots easily integrate with CRM and e-commerce platforms and can be trained to automatically respond to common consumer questions and concerns.

But in some cases, a real conversation is needed in order to solve the problem.

SnapCall's digital call button on's desktop website and mobile responsive website.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Fast & easy just like starting a chat

Effortless installation

Exceptional sound quality

Great user experience

The unfolding. and SnapCall met at Zendesk startup incubator and from the very beginning, had a feeling their technologies could work hand in hand to provide superb customer experience. Therefore, hellomybot customers can easily launch high-quality calls by pressing a digital call button. team brainstorming new ideas

What has been achieved so far. offers voice support on their own website as well as helps customers install digital voice solution inside their chatbot.
Haas Avocats law firm celebrates this combination.

A digital call button is embedded in the hellomybot’s chatbot and appears in circumstances where voice support can bring more efficiency and value. Depending on the customer’s questions and choices during the chat, the call button will become available in predefined situations. has mastered the technology of bots, but their team still sees the importance of human connection.

Haas Avocats' customers can now launch a call directly from their chat and get all the answers. If no one’s available to take the call, the button simply won’t appear.

What’s coming next. and SnapCall is a continuous and rewarding partnership fueled by the same purpose and mission: provide impeccable customer experience, the one you really enjoy!

Giving chatbot a voice.

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