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Freebe making communication convenient for freelancers

Find out how Freebe made it easy for their existing and potential customers to get in touch with them.

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Being a freelancer has never been so easy.

Freebe’s customers are exceptionally busy people, usually swamped by tons of different projects. Therefore, an easy and efficient way of communication is vital.

Founded in the summer of 2018, Freebe is a promising French startup whose intelligent accounting tool has been specially designed for freelancers. The tool enables automation of important, yet highly time-consuming administrative tasks with low added value so that customers can focus on other things.

Freebe has embedded a digital call button on their website for two reasons. Button designated for sales reasons is visible on the homepage, so potential customers, interested in learning more about the tool, can easily reach out and get more information. Button dedicated to customer support is only available for logged-in users to launch a call in case they have a question or need any assistance from the Freebe team.

Where all began.

After starting in 2018, Freebe team begin to notice that many prospects leave their website soon after first arriving. They analyzed the reasons behind this and realized that potential customers hadn't found the information they were looking for and means to contact Freebe team offered at that time were too inconvenient. Therefore, instead of reaching out and learning more about how Freebe can help their business, potential clients were leaving. Antoine Legendre, the CEO of Freebe, knew they had to do something to reverse the situation.

Antoine Legendre
CEO of Freebe
Adding a digital call button to our website allowed us to convince many more leads to start a trial month. If they had any questions during this period, SnapCall helped us provide convenient and effective support. Now we are continuously improving the content on our website, according to the questions we receive. With SnapCall, we’re certain we communicate the right message!

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Convenient & effective communication

Easy implementation

Higher conversion rate

Valuable customers prioritization

The unfolding.

Freebe embedded their first SnapCall button on the homepage of their website to make it easier for potential customers to reach out and learn more about the tool they’ve created. As the bounce rate decreased and many more visitors would start a free trial after the call with the Freebe team, the company decided the button could also be used for customer support. Logged in customers can now launch a call directly from their profile and get all the answers quickly.

Freebe’s CEO Antoine Legendre presenting the smart accounting tool for freelancers.

What has been achieved so far.

Lower bounce rate. More and faster conversions.

As Freebe is now providing a digital call button for all of its’ customers on the homepage of their website, customers can learn more about the tool they’ve created during one quick call. The team has noticed a significant decrease in bounce rate. As customers stay on their website for longer, they learn more about the tool and tend to convert more quickly.

Effective and fast customer support.

Freebe’s team can choose working hours during which they’re always ready to pick up the phone and answer customers’ questions. The button is displayed on their website only during those hours. This means that if customers see the button, they’re sure to get the answer quickly. This guarantees a short waiting time, efficient support, and a great overall experience.

All in all?

More prospects are trying the product during the trial period. Higher conversion rate. Convenient and efficient help when customers need it. Loyal and happy customers.

What’s coming next.

Freebe and SnapCall teams are working hand in hand every day to ensure the best experience when it comes to both potential and existing customers. Quick and easy to launch calls enable customers to receive relevant information in the most effective way possible.

A new–generation calling experience.

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