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Europ Assistance’s international voice support

Find out how Europ Assistance optimized voice support worldwide.


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Supporting your customers worldwide has never been so easy and affordable.

Europ Assistance, a company that has invented the assistance concept over 55 years ago, has aimed to put every customer first since the beginning. Therefore, when their team has learned about digital voice technology offered by SnapCall, the solution has been implemented on two Europ Assistance’s websites for insurance.

Founded in 1963 in France, Europ Assistance is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. The company was the first service to start offering medical coverage to people traveling abroad. In the past five years company has grown to more than 10000 paid subscribers.

Europ Assistance provides insurance services all around the globe to millions of customers, receiving around 5 million calls per year. Therefore, adopting the most innovative technologies and optimizing phone support experience is of key importance.

Where all began.

Before starting with SnapCall, Europ Assistance has been offering many channels for their customer to reach out, including phone support carried out via usual cloud-based call center solution.

As a highly customer-centric company, Europ Assistance has noticed its customers’ preference to connect through a voice channel. However, a big part of their customers were worried about the price of phone support, especially when calling from a faraway travel destination.

Piotr Michałek
Project and Implementation Manager
Calling from abroad is often very expensive, so as we provide voice support worldwide, SnapCall was the logical choice for us. The solution allows us to offer a voice option that is free for the end user, provided that they have an internet connection. Secondly, it fits seamlessly into our call center solution, which is a win for both the client and for us. Therefore, SnapCall is the perfect solution for our particular needs. On top of that, the tool is very easy to configure and implement.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Affordable voice support worldwide

Easy integration with the current call center solution

Great customer experience

The unfolding.

The initial idea was to try SnapCall on one of Europ Assistance’s websites, and if all the needs are met, expand the solution to other websites. A digital call button is now fully implemented on two main websites for Polish customers of Europ Assistance.

What has been achieved so far.

Launching a call directly from the website.

Europ Assistance’s customers are now able to launch a call directly from the company’s websites with one click. Such calls are completely free of charge, no matter how long they are or from which part of the world the customers are calling. All they need is a stable internet connection and enabled microphone.

Great customer experience.

Digital voice channel, preferred by the majority of Europ Assistance’s customers, is easy to access and use. When you’re traveling or get into an accident that requires you to reach out to Europ Assistance’s team, being able to easily reach out and get support is crucial.

All in all?

Voice support channel that is easy to access anywhere in the world. Completely free of charge for the end-user. Great customer experience. Happy and confident customers.

What’s coming next.

Europ Assistance’s and SnapCall teams are working together every week to develop even better customer experience for their customers worldwide.

A new–generation calling experience.

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