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Launching a call right inside the chat has never been so easy.

When ECE started using LiveChat, their team’s time was distributed between live chatting and answering calls via the phone system. As these were two completely different systems, transition between the chat and the phone system would take a lot of time. This motivated the team to look for call solutions directly embedded within the chat, so that their customers could have a unified support experience.

Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), founded in 1980 in Wisconsin, US, is a non-profit organization, focused on preparing foreign education credential evaluation reports for individuals coming to the US and Canada, comparing academic and professional degrees earned in other countries, for purposes of education, professional licensure and employment.

ECE is known for its great customer service. It is often the one differentiating characteristic that causes a customer to choose their services instead of a competitor. The team has always believed in the importance of customer service and therefore, was looking for ways to make the customer experience a really great one.

Where all began.

The ECE® team started to use LiveChat about four years ago. As the company has a lot of one-time customers, and they have a lot of questions, their support team has been struggling with how to handle all of the communication more effectively, how to answer more questions for more people, and how to be more flexible.

“We decided to explore LiveChat as an option, because chat has become more and more popular, and the demographic that we serve is a demographic that likes to chat. Also, for many of our customers English is not always their first language, so initially chat seemed like a wonderful option. Some people are more comfortable writing than speaking. We assumed, and we now know, that we can help more people via chat than we can with one phone call after another.”

Clarey Wamhoff
Senior Director of Operations
We were very pleased to work with LiveChat. They were very helpful. LiveChat was going along well, but we also had a certain number of customers who still wanted to speak to us by phone. Also, even though our team fell in love with the LiveChat solution, as an organization we still had some staff who were worried that we wouldn't be able to have a live conversation with our customers. That’s how we found SnapCall and it turned out to be a perfect fit, allowing us to effortlessly switch to a call right inside the chat. Partnering with SnapCall has been really great. About 30% of our customers are choosing to talk to us on a call instead of chat.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Perfect fit for remote work

Enhanced efficiency

Screen sharing feature

Increased customer satisfaction

The unfolding.

When COVID happened, the management of ECE knew they needed to make some significant changes for their customer service staff, to allow them to work remotely. The company employs customer service staff who live in other states in the US. At the time, agents were providing support on LiveChat for half a day and the other half via the phone.

“When the pandemic started, we decided that for the ease of working remotely we would transition to LiveChat only. That made our team anxious about the customer experience – now they really couldn’t talk to our users live. But we knew that offering half a day of chat and half a day of phones was not great, because that transition in between, from chat to phone, took a lot of time. So we were doing both of them, but not both of them really well, and it was confusing.”

ECE has customers located all over the world, in different time zones. As English is not the first language for most of their customers, they love having an option to choose a communication channel that they feel most comfortable with.

“Even prior to that, when we hadn't yet implemented SnapCall, we were offering LiveChat 100% of the time during active hours. Outside those hours customers could leave tickets that we responded to within 24 hours. But then we found SnapCall, it was like a light bulb went off - “this is fantastic, we can do everything.” We can now offer customers that option of getting on a free call right in the chat.”

What has been achieved so far.

Providing customers with a choice

“Our customer service staff is more support than sales oriented. Our having to speak to the customer is really their need to talk to us. SnapCall has been really wonderful in working with us, presenting us with a great solution where we can offer the customer that option, ‘would you like to talk with us, would you like to chat with us?’ And customers are satisfied to find that we do both.”

Solving complex problems faster

“Customers want to talk to someone on the phone when it's a complicated, more complex order, or something that's very confusing. They're mostly choosing the chat option for their simple questions. We are able to help more people by chatting than on the phone, as we can handle more than one chat at a time and we can communicate faster. But we are seeing that the issues that escalate, or the customers who want to speak to us, are usually more complicated issues that take a little bit longer to resolve. Switching from chat to a call allows us to solve the issue right away.“

Simplifying problem identification with screen sharing

“Our reps are very happy with the screen sharing feature. Sometimes, due to the language barrier, people aren't able to express exactly where they're lost, or exactly where they need help on the website. It's easier for us, and less frustrating to the customer, to help each other by showing the issue on the page they’re browsing. By seeing their screen we are able to detect exactly what the problem is and walk them through whatever page they need help on.”

Knowing when to escalate to other teams

“Our IT staff are very excited about screen sharing, because we intend to train the customer service staff to troubleshoot with the customer before an issue gets escalated to an IT solution. With this feature, we can identify if there's something that a representative can help with, or if it's something that needs to have IT involved. If there are errors, and people don't know how to express that to us, it's easier to have a screenshot and share that with our IT support, and they're able to quickly provide a solution.”

All in all?

Multiple communication channels to choose from. Seamless calling right inside the chat. Happier customers.

What’s coming next.

“One of the most exciting things about working with new technology is that it's always changing. We're really excited to be a part of it, and explain our problems, so that the SnapCall team can deliver the best calling and screen sharing solution. We’re looking forward to seeing what will come next.”

A new–generation calling experience.

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