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Launching exceptional quality calls has never been this effortless.

An acoustic engineering innovator Devialet is on a mission to bring exclusive sound experience to its’ customers.

Founded in 2007 in Paris, Devialet has been critically acclaimed for its innovations and excellence in sound technologies. A revolutionary patented invention called ADH® has changed high-end amplifiers forever. Devialet is creating technology of sound quality, unlike anything previously experienced.

Even though Devialet has physical stores all around the world, the company’s website provides its’ visitors with comprehensive information on Devialet’s products, projects, and of course, exclusive customer support.

Where all began.

Before starting with SnapCall, Devialet has been using the usual cloud-based call center solution.

For their customers, this meant dialing a phone number and not knowing how long they’re going to wait. For their agents, it meant much more time trying to identify the customer and understand the issue they’re calling about. Sébastien Faure, Head of CS at Devialet, is well known for his passion for always looking for new ways and tools to improve customer experience.

When we met Sébastien the first time, we were lucky to share the same vision of driving voice support to a completely different level. He let us know how important it is for Devialet to grant effective voice support for their customers all over the world and to provide an entirely digital experience. We understood SnapCall is an excellent fit for Devialet, due to the features of our technology as well as the fact it’s combined with Zendesk experience.

Sébastien Faure
Head of Customer Service & Support
As well as providing extraordinary customer experience, it was also of key importance to be able to operate easily internationally. As Devialet is operating in 45 countries, including Asia region, Australia, and New Zealand, it has always been our goal to provide top-notch voice support in all our operating countries. Due to Telco regulations, it’s costly to provide traditional phone support in these markets. SnapCall helps us save big.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Voice support all over the world

Customer data in calls

User experience prioritization

Extraordinary sound quality

The unfolding.

Devialet started by providing digital voice support to its customers in Asia – Pacific region, moving on by adding the US and South America. As the start has been successful, the SnapCall button has been embedded on all websites. Devialet’s team was excited about moving forward with SnapCall. So was our team! 🚀

Real conversation between Devialet and SnapCall teams regarding moving forward with SnapCall solution in EMEA region.

What has been achieved so far.

Premium quality voice support all over the world.

Digital voice support is now offered to Devialet’s customers in all 45 operating countries. All communication between Devialet’s team and the customer is of extraordinary sound quality, enabled by SnapCall technology using high-density sound protocol like OPUS and an acute algorithm of compression.

Shorter calls. Greater efficiency.

Devialet’s customers now receive voice support within less than a minute of waiting. As customer support agents are provided with customers’ data once they pick up the call, there’s no need to identify the customer anymore. Agents also know which page of Devialet’s website the customer is calling from – this gives at least abstract prior knowledge of the issue the customer is experiencing. 

All in all?

Shorter waiting time. Quicker and more productive calls. Better customer experience. Happy customers. Higher NPS score.

Ruben Garcia
Customer Service and Experience Manager, Americas at Devialet
At Devialet, we strive for an outstanding product and customer experience to match. SnapCall’s innovative digital call technology further enhances our customer journey. Because of our aligned values and market-leading customer strategies, our partnership was destined for success from the very beginning.

What’s coming next.

Devialet and SnapCall teams are working hand in hand every week to develop even better customer experience and make voice support even more effective by minimizing cost and agents' time of solving your issue!

A new–generation calling experience.

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