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ClickFunnels’ new generation support

Find out how ClickFunnels launched voice support for their highest-value customers.


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Providing voice support to your high-value customers has never been so easy.

ClickFunnels, a game-changing marketing platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses decided that a callback is not enough. By employing digital voice technology, the company is now offering high-quality voice support to its VIP customers.

Founded in 2013 in the US, ClickFunnels is the fastest growing non-VC-backed company in the world. Their software is helping businesses build online sales funnel processes that attract leads and turn them into paying customers quickly. In the past five years company has grown to more than 100000 paid subscribers.

ClickFunnels makes it SIMPLE for any entrepreneur to build their own marketing funnels in just minutes… Without needing to rely on a team of techies!

Where all began.

Before starting with SnapCall, communication between ClickFunnels and its customers happened via email or chat.

Customers could schedule a callback by filling out the form, but inbound voice support has never been offered since launching a company. Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels understood the value of inbound voice support. He reached out to Mark Bangerter, Director of Support at ClickFunnels and shared the idea about introducing voice support for their highest-value customers. As they started researching a market, ClickFunnels team realized it was hard to find a solution that would serve the goal of providing voice support to a limited number of users.

Mark Bangerter
Director of Support
I couldn’t find anyone that would allow us to essentially only offer phone support to a limited number of people. Because the issue with phone numbers is that if one person has a phone number, it would become known for everyone who wants to call us. So I called a bunch of different companies and finally came across SnapCall and was like “this is perfect, this is exactly what we need – to have a button that only shows up in our app for those VIP customers and they are the only ones who can call us.” We have full control of who the button shows to.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other phone solutions:

Voice support for high-value customers only

Improved First Resolution Time (FRT) rate

Short waiting time

The unfolding.

When ClickFunnels started with SnapCall, fast and effective installation was really important, as the goal was to start employing digital voice technology as quickly as possible. During the webinar we organized six months later, we asked Mark about his experience with the installation of our solution.

“For us, it was incredibly easy. You go into SnapCall dashboard, you create a button – you can configure how it looks like, where you want it to be visible and then you just copy the snippet of JavaScript to your code and that’s it. Adding the button to the app took a bit longer, as we needed the input of our engineering team, but to start seeing the button on our website so I can test it out took me like 2 minutes. It’s that incredibly easy.”

Also, ClickFunnels were very clear about what they wanted to achieve with voice support. The two main goals were: customers being able to call in and customers’ issues to be resolved over one call.

“We don’t really care about the handle time that much, because we want the resolution in the first call. We’re prioritizing first call resolution over handle time, so more important thing is having a result. Of course, there are cases when we cannot resolve the issue during one call, so we inform the customer about implied waiting time and follow up as soon as we have a resolution”.

ClickFunnels Customer Support team

What has been achieved so far.

Fully digital voice support for VIP customers only.

"For us, customers knowing that voice support is available is such a huge added value. Even if we have to offer a higher paid plan for our customers to provide voice support, we see that they are willing to pay more to have access to it. I even had customers who told me that they like to just know voice support is available, even though they’re not necessarily using it at the moment, but to have this option accessible is very important to them."

Most issues solved within the first call.

"One thing that we found is that ultimately handle time is going to be the longest on email and also longer on chat, compared to voice support. Because the customer can step away for 15 minutes and you might be there waiting on a customer working on another chat and right when the customer comes back, they expect you to respond really quickly. So the chat can go on for the whole day. With the phone, you have customer’s attention, they have your attention and overall, even if the call goes long, it’s still shorter than any other interaction you’re going to have and it creates the best customer experience."

Shorter waiting time. Great customer experience.

"The cool thing about SnapCall is that the button doesn’t show up if no agents are available to pick up the call, so there are no long waiting times. If the button shows up, there’s definitely someone available to pick up the call. You have to try SnapCall technology to understand it’s different. It’s so different than having a phone number and your customers sitting in a queue with hold music waiting for 30 minutes."

All in all?

Shorter waiting time. Most queries solved within one call. Special care for high-value customers. Happy and confident customers.

What’s coming next.

ClickFunnels and SnapCall teams are working together every week to develop an even better customer experience for high-value customers. Together we make sure most issues are solved as fast as possible by utilizing digital voice technology.

A new–generation calling experience.

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