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Canadian Appliance Source’s live video shopping.

Learn how Canadian Appliance Source bridged the gap between their physical and online store with video.


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Recreating a live shopping experience online has never been easier.

Canadian Appliance Source (CAS) has always been focused on online sales, as their customers usually come into the showrooms to look around and then go to the internet to research the products. Having a video capability inside the chat allows CAS sales team to demonstrate any product live directly from the chat inside their website or mobile application.

Founded in 2008 in Toronto, Canada, Canadian Appliance Source (CAS) has developed into a forerunner retailer of modern kitchen and home appliances. The company has a unique focus on providing its customers with personalized, thoughtful help and advice from an appliance specialist.

Always aiming to better serve their customers’ needs, CAS is currently working in collaboration with SnapCall to recreate a live shopping experience with video embedded right inside the chat.

Where all began.

The roles of the sales personnel and customers have widely changed in the last decade. In the past, customers used to rely on the sales people to provide all the information.

Now, the customer is in the driver’s seat – they can get the information themselves and bring it into the store. Sales people are now there to validate the information the customer already has. With this in mind, the CAS team always knew the importance of having an up-to-date website with all the relevant information and the availability to shop on it.

Terry Robar
President of Sales
Then we met SnapCall, in conjunction with LiveChat they provided us with a video solution, and continue to build this solution for us, taking it to the next level where it’s a fully seamless integration into our customer journey. The customer comes to the website and sees the products, then we create a relationship through chat, then engage into a voice or a video call, and do live product demonstrations.

Key considerations for choosing SnapCall over other video solutions:

Seamless omnichannel experience

Full control & flexibility

Top-notch video quality

Ultimate simplicity

The unfolding.

Since the website has been receiving a significant amount of traffic, the team of CAS wanted to ensure their team was able to provide all the relevant information and close the deal right on the website.

“Almost four years ago we started looking at how to capture that online business, create a relationship and bring it into the showroom. That relationship is the most important part. When the customer goes online, we need a tutorial, a person guiding them through the shopping process. It was a challenge, because nobody was doing anything like that and we didn’t know how to navigate it. Hence, we entered into the LiveChat era.”

The next thing was to bring a customer into the showroom. CAS’ first attempt was making appointments on Google Meets, however, it caused certain issues because it wasn’t live and interactive. The team has tried many different platforms, trying to find the right match to give the instant availability to start a voice or a video call, and allow the salesperson to showcase a particular product in real-time. The final goal was to create a live product demonstration.

“One of the big things SnapCall really helps us with is when a customer is engaged in a chat conversation, our sales team can initiate a direct voice or video call directly inside LiveChat widget, and we can actually get the sale completed in a single interaction. We don't have to do multiple interactions, multiple platforms. It's one platform from bottom to end, bringing the showroom, the website, and the customer’s experience together in one spot.”

What has been achieved so far.

Sustaining growth in the midst of the pandemic

Together with LiveChat, SnapCall provided a COVID era solution, tackling the challenges of recreating a live shopping experience online. CAS now has a sustainable way to provide great purchasing experience and continue to grow, no matter the challenges that emerge within the journey.

“Any appliance is a fairly expensive purchase, so the look and feel of a product is really important for the customer. But in a lockdown there’s no way to show people how the fridge doors open, how it functions. Using SnapCall with LiveChat has provided us with the solution to go forward in this era of COVID.”

Reassuring hesitant buyers with voice and video calls

Canadian Appliance knows what it takes to provide an exceptional shopping experience and ensure online customers finalize their purchases.

“To make a purchase on a website, you have to have confidence in the company. When you switch to a video call, people actually know you are in a showroom and they see that you’re an appliance specialist. That’s the important part. Talking to actual real people from the local community at a local store, really drives home that sense of security for purchasing. Giving that strong visual message is what we’re looking for.“

Leveraging voice and video calls to close sales in a single interaction

Before starting to use SnapCall one of the biggest challenges that CAS team had was obtaining credit card numbers and actually making the sale.

“We used to have to get the customer’s phone number over the chat, dial the phone number and wait for the customer to pick up. The goal was to be able do a full transactional sale in one shot, without having to do multiple touchpoints. If a customer comes in with a sales rep’s name, from that point it has to be an in-person engagement. But we’re actually finding that by engaging the customer towards a video call we don’t have to do that. We close the sale right there.”

All in all?

Seamless change of communication channel. Live shopping experience recreated online. Increased sales. Enhanced customer satisfaction.

What’s coming next.

“The teams of Canadian Appliance Source, SnapCall and LiveChat are working together to ensure an impeccable customer experience of seamlessly switching from a chat conversation to a video call to recreate a seamless video shopping experience right inside website or mobile app.”

A new–generation calling experience.

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